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  • PABX # 111 786 555
  • FAX # 021 34534302
Lucky holding

Investor Relation

Details of Permissible business activities:

To acquire and hold any kind of interest in, or to provide any form of capital for, any person or undertaking of any kind, to carry on business as a holding and investment company and to co-ordinate and manage the activities of, and to provide finance, services and facilities to, any company or undertaking controlled directly or indirectly by the Company or in which the Company is interested, whether as a shareholder or otherwise and whether directly or indirectly.

Status of Company - Public unlisted company

Lucky Holding -- NTN 4022050-8

Lucky Holding -- Registration Number: 008127

Email Address -

For any investor related queries and / or grievances, contact our Corporate Affairs Department or visit SECP's Investor Complaint Section.